Design to Commissioning

Design ⋅ Fabricate ⋅ Install

Phantom Technical Services' Designers and Wiring Technicians provide a full range of panel solutions for our customers including:

  • Electrical control circuit design and panel layouts based on NFPA 70 and NFPA 79 standards
  • Panel fabrication services
  • Onsite installation services including installing and terminating field wiring, running network cables and conduit layout and installation

Phantom Technical Services takes on the responsibility of our customers' projects by providing complete panel design, fabrication and installation services, giving you a complete, turn-key solution.


Phantom Technical Services' custom control panel design services include a thorough evaluation of your enclosure requirements. We also take into consideration, NFPA70 and NFPA79 standards to ensure enclosures meet your specific requirements, while adhering to the appropriate industry standards.

When Phantom designs a custom electrical control panel, all factors that can impact the design are taken into consideration including the physical layout, thermal calculations, spare space requirements, electrical requirements, networking, and grounding and bonding. Before any panels are fabricated, Phantom will design the electrical control circuits and enclosure layouts using AutoCAD Electrical, have our final designs reviewed by one of our Project Managers, and then to the customer for approval.

Phantom Technical Services is also a fully equipped UL508A listed panel fabrication facility and can design, fabricate and verify that our electrical control enclosures meet the stringent guidelines of UL508A for electrical control enclosures. Each of our UL508A panels is inspected and certified by the UL before shipping to the customer.


Panel Fabrication


Our team of highly skilled technicians can provide a wide range of electrical control enclosures for our customers, to include simple designs like pushbutton stations and single door enclosures, to more complex designs such as free-standing multi-door enclosures and SCADA enclosures.

Phantom Technical Services is equipped with all of the required specialized tooling, testing equipment and an engraving machine to expedite the production of your electrical control enclosures. Each panel is verified point-to-point by one of our senior technicians ensuring the highest quality product is delivered to our customers.


Unlike many of our competitors, Phantom Technical Services can provide installation services at your location including panel mounting and interconnections, field wiring runs and terminations, and conduit sizing and installation.

Our team of highly skilled technicians and engineers gain a complete understanding of your expectations and ensure that all field devices and wiring are installed per your requirements and industry standards.

Batch Panel

Let Phantom Technical Services take the guesswork out of your industrial control system installations! Work with one of the few integrators that can provide a complete solution for you.