Safety Solutions

Phantom Technical Services Designers and Wiring Technicians can provide a full range of services for our customers that take advantage of our panel solutions.  From designs based on NFPA 70E and NFPA 79 standards, to onsite installation services, Phantom Technical Services can provide complete panel solutions for our customers.


Saftey Mitigation Services

All Phantom Technical Services control enclosure designs adhere to NFPA 70E and NFPA 79 standards and are generated using AutoCad 2020 software.

We can fabricate control enclosures to fit any application for you or your customers. Phantom is a fully equipped UL508A Listed panel fabrication facility for the fabrication of electrical control enclosures. Phantom fabricates all required enclosures to the stringent qualifications as defined by the UL508A standards.


Machine Guarding


Our shop can provide a wide range of detailed products such as single (prototype) enclosures, “Production Run” of enclosures and cable assemblies. Phantom has a full staff of experienced panel designers, custom cable designers and fabricators to accommodate any job task. Phantom technicians can fabricate panels onsite or inhouse according to customer needs.


The elite staff of engineers and technicians at Phantom Technical Services, Inc. will work with you to achieve efficient, trouble-free installations that will keep startup time to a minimum. Our high-quality installation services are supported by a warranty/guarantee for one full year after completion.


Safety Gating


Safety is everyone’s upmost concern. Phantom excels at defining potential safety hazards and protecting your most valuable assets. Phantom can perform a safety investigation and determine the appropriate safety level needed, install all hardware, and perform a safety evaluation at completion to ensure your system meets all requirements.